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Serving Forsyth, Gray, Gordon, Dublin, Eastman, Hawkinsville,

Warner Robins, Macon, Cochran, Fort Valley, and Perry.

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Increase the value and curb appeal of your home with quality and reliable garage doors and accessories by Central Georgia Garage Doors. We have been proudly serving Central Georgia for over 25 years.

24 hours residential service


Garage Door Repair

Residential Garage Doors

10% off

your 1st residential service/repair


Most common repair issues are:

  • Broken springs

  • Cables

  • Worn rollers

“Just like a tire on your car which has a limited wear life.  Garage door springs open a certain number of times before they then need to be replaced. Many troublesome issues with your garage door and garage lift\opener equipment can be avoided with yearly maintenance.


As the springs stretch they are less capable of handling the weight.

Adding stress to the gears of the opener.  All garage door openers have gears made of plastic.  The extra tension on the gears, created by assisting the springs in lift can strip the gears leading TO A NEW REPLACEMENT of the gears or garage door opener itself.


Will yearly maintenance at $79 we will come inspect your door and door opening system


  • Garage door service weather stripping

  • Diagnose garage door electrical problems

  • Diagnose sensor issues

  • Garage door tune-ups


Thorough inspection of your garage door system


  • Add lubrication to rollers & hinges

  • and  Ad tension to  springs

  • Tightening, adjusting, and lubricating parts as needed

  • Examination of garage door safety mechanisms

  • Check for other mechanical issues